Our history

It was a time when pixels were bigger than our thumbs, when the word "save" meant more of a good old trick memorized so as not to lose one's progress, and when the idea of ​​having a hundred games, and not not ten thousand, in one box seemed like madness.

At Invictora, those days are never really over.

The story of Invictora begins in a small, smoky room, lit by the blue glow of a cathode ray screen. A group of friends, nostalgic for their childhood heroes – whether a mustachioed plumber or a supersonic hedgehog – were reminiscing about the good times spent in front of their consoles. Between two hilarious anecdotes about near-invincible bosses and misspelled cheat codes, an idea emerged: "What if we brought all of this back to life, but with a modern twist?"

Invictora was born with this ambition: to rekindle the flames of our youth while integrating today's technologies. We weren't just selling a console; we offered a return ticket to unforgettable moments, to those Sunday afternoons spent playing with friends or those family evenings around a good old fighting game.

But, there is a catch in our story. You might think it's easy to sell nostalgia. However, nostalgia is tricky. It must be authentic. At Invictora, our passion for retro video games is genuine. Every pixel, every sound, every game has been chosen with love and meticulous attention to bring you the quintessential retro experience.

So what makes us so special? Is it the fact that we are big children who refused to grow up? Maybe. Is it our unhealthy obsession with arcade games from the 80s and 90s? Absolutely. But above all, it is our desire to share these precious moments with you, to make you smile, laugh, and sometimes scream in frustration at this umpteenth "Game Over".

At Invictora, we don't just offer you a console, but a journey through time. So, fasten your seat belts, because we are here to make you relive your best memories... and create new ones!